International Visual Literacy Association cordially welcomes two HSD researchers in Leuven (Belgium)

During the 51st annual conference of the International Visual Literacy Association (held in Leuven, Belgium, October 16-18) two presentations of HSD researchers Miles Tallon and Ulrich Frick were respectfully recognized by the members of this renowned society. State-of-the-art analyses of German students’ styles of appreciating fine arts (U. Frick) and scrutinizing perception strategies of visual literacy experts as compared to novices while solving visual search tasks (M. Tallon) gave rise to intensified international scientific contacts and to establishing future cooperations in Belgium and Hungary.

New strategies of recording and preprocessing eye-tracking data in real-life situations (e.g. while moving around and gazing at art objects in a museum) were important inputs that could be learned with high relevance for the next HSD project in cultural education (“Ma-ma-Märchenprinz”) starting in early 2020. Intercultural comparisons of gender-specific abilities in spatial orientation were agreed upon with the Corvinus University of Budapest.

The conference was hosted by the famous museum M in Leuven and the Catholic University of Leuven, both institutions anchored in a tidy city of impressive cultural esprit.